Branding and Identity
Assam Tea Company is a no-nonsense, no additive, organic tea making company. The branding for ATC is meant to invoke a classical yet bold look. From demographic studies  of persons aged 60+ (the current market demographic for Assam Tea Company), it was found that a legible, straight to the point logo was preferred. They were also found to prefer simplicity over a complicated layout. Simply put, people (especially older people) prefer designs that make their lives easier.


To break up unnecessary white space I used a repeating floral pattern from the brands new three-color palette, as seen throughout the branding.   A pattern of tea leaves was used as the background to a bold easy-to-read logo, breaking up the white space while keeping the brand name as legible as possible.

The company’s new tea containers use the same floral pattern for it’s backgrounds with tea leaf accents to give the important areas like logo and flavor label breathing room.  The new containers give the tea a longer shelf life and a sleeker look than the previous bags. The merchandising centers mainly around making the customer associate Assam teas with the Assam Tea Company. The goal is to be the only brand people think about when they see, hear or google the word “Assam”.​​​​​​​

Merchandise To Match The Company Brand

Assam Tea Company Branded Tote Bag
Branded Mug
Branded Mug
Branded Coaster Set
Branded Coaster Set
Branded Tea Bag And Coaster

Company Branded Tea Bag And Coaster

The website has been reworked for convenience. Now buying a tea of your choice is    less than three clicks away from any part of the website. The responsive layout is based for phones and desktop’s with smaller screen sizes, it’s been proven that people respond to images more than text so product and category images remain the focal points in any screen ratio or dimension. 

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